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State Director

State Director

Lieutenant Theophilus E. Smith is a product of Birmingham, Alabama where he is a graduate of the Birmingham public school system. He has 18 years of law enforcement experience with the Birmingham Police Department where he has served as a Patrol Officer, Task Force Officer, Academy Instructor, SWAT Operator, Sniper, Solo Motor Scout, Patrol Sergeant, Recruiting and Hiring Sergeant, Tactical Commander, and Assistant to the Deputy Chief of Field Operations Bureau.

Lieutenant Smith has served several years as a Torch Run volunteer and as the Birmingham area coordinator to support the Special Olympics.

In October 2011, Lieutenant Smith was elected Director of the Alabama Law Enforcement Torch Run.

Lieutenant Smith has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Homeland Security. He has certifications in various law enforcement professional courses and holds several instructor certifications. He is a United States Marine Corps veteran, a lifelong member of the New Pilgrim Baptist Church, and an active member of the Alpha Phi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.


Alabama LETR Secretary

Season is currently employed as the Police Training Specialist for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Birmingham, AL Division. She began her law enforcement career with the FBI in 1999.

Season became involved in the Alabama Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics in 2009, and has actively participated every year in various fund raising events.

Season Allen - Secretary

Regional Coordinators

North Alabama Coordinator

North Alabama Coordinator

Proncey is a veteran of the Persian Gulf War and a 20 year law enforcement veteran. Lt. Robertson is a highly decorated officer of the Decatur Police Department. He has received a number of awards and commendations, including The Decatur Police Department‘s highest honor, "The Medal of Valor."

Proncey has been participating with the ALETR since the early 1990‘s. For over 17 years, he has served as a runner and a key fundraiser for many local and state events. Proncey organized the first "COPS on TOP" event in Decatur and currently serves as the event coordinator for our State Wide "COPS on TOP" fundraisers. This event has had great success with as many as 17 different locations operating at one time across the State. "COPS on TOP" is the ALETR‘s largest state wide fundraising event and has produced funds well over $100,000 each year. Proncey was chosen to serve as our State Co-Director for the 2010-2011 Torch Run and continues to serve as Regional Coordinator for North Alabama.

Lt. Proncey D. Robertson Decatur Police Department ALETR Regional Coordinator (North)

Central Alabama Coordinator

Central Alabama Coordinator

Debbie is currently employed as a patrol officer with the City of Pelham, Alabama. She began her career with the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff‘s Office in 2000 and has held various positions throughout her twelve year career. Within the Pelham Police Department, she serves as a family liaison officer and Field Training Officer. Outside the department, she serves as the Secretary/Treasurer for the Philip Mahan Davis Foundation, a team member of the Alabama Critical Incident Stress Team and as an Adjunct Instructor at Itt-Technical Institute School of Criminal Justice. Debbie holds a Bachelor‘s Degree in Psychology and a Master‘s Degree in Criminal Justice, both from the University of Alabama.

Debbie became involved in the Alabama Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics in 2009 and has attended two international conferences. Debbie organizes the Polar Plunge each year at Oak Mountain State Park and represented Alabama in the 2011 Final Leg of the Torch Run in Athens, Greece.

Debbie Sumrall

South Alabama Coordinator

South Alabama Coordiantor

Officer Josh Coleman has been a member of the Gulf Shores Police Department since October 2007. He is currently assigned to the Special Events & Training Division. Josh Coleman joined the Gulf Shores Police Department in 2007. Shortly after becoming a Patrolman with Gulf Shores he implemented a volunteer chaplain program. In 2012 he was assigned to the Special Events & Training Division as a Community Resource Officer after demonstrating a strong desire to partner with the community. Over the last couple of months he has implemented several new community initiatives to include Coffee with a Cop, Project Lifesaver, Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS), and an Explorer Program.

Josh became involved in the Alabama Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics in 2012 and has recently attended his first International conference. Josh was asked shortly after coordinating the Cop on Top event at the Gulf Shores Wal-Mart to become the county coordinator. Josh is now serving his second term as the Southern Region Coordinator and is responsible for recruiting agencies to start fundraising efforts for the southern region of Alabama.

Josh Coleman